Assessment and Evaluation

"For teachers, as for students, the most effective evaluation comes from someone who sits beside us and helps us grow."                 Carol Ann Tomlinson, Educational Leadership,  November 2012

At Coppice Valley we evaluate our children and ourselves, so we can all grow together. We teach our pupils how to evaluate themselves and others, using Growth Mindset principles. We encourage our staff to be reflective and self-improving too, individually and in collegiate teams.



 How are pupils assessed?

1. Daily verbal or written feedback from interactions with staff or their peers. From these, pupils learn what their next small steps are for learning.

2. Week to week- Class track (our learning objective tracking software) is used to record information on pupil performance against objectives. Class track analysis reports are used by teachers to inform planning and action plans.

3. Termly summative assessments – standardised test papers are used to test pupil knowledge and skills in Years 2, Year 4 and Year 6. W also use teacher moderation of pupils' work to supplement our evaluations. Teacher assessment is used in all year groups. All year groups report an assessment grade on the school's own assessment tracking system three times a year.

4. Moderation of pupil work is done within school and with staff from other schools. Staff work together to compare pupils' work with national standards, to ensure our staff understand what age related expectations look like.

5. Thorough analysis of the above range of assessment data informs teaching and learning plans for the next term, plus a class action plan for targeting different groups of pupils who need additional work.