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Coppice Valley Primary School

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Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset?

There are two ways of looking at the world – fixed mindset or growth mindset.

  • A fixed mindset is the belief that your talents and abilities are set from birth.
  • A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence and talent can be developed.  

A child with a fixed mindset will believe they are clever or not clever from an early age. They will believe that this defines who they are and will rank themselves against others (Who is better than me? Who am I better than?). They will either expect things to come easily to them (because they see themselves as clever) or will know they can’t do things (as they see themselves as not clever), so when something is hard work or demands effort, they will be uncomfortable, give up or avoid the task. When things go badly they will try to cover up mistakes and pretend they did not happen, either because they think clever people should not get things wrong, or because there is no point trying as they don’t see themselves as clever.

A child with a growth mindset will care about what they can learn from a task rather than trying to work out how they compare to others. They believe that they can accomplish anything with enough effort and help. They understand that learning requires effort and that some subjects require more effort than others for themselves. They know that making mistakes is a valuable stage in the learning process and will share, discuss and learn from these mistakes. They use the word YET about skills they have not mastered.


Why does having a Growth Mindset matter so much?


It is important that as parents and teachers, we praise children for the effort they put in, not how clever they are or if they came first in a test or race. We need to reinforce a growth mindset that praises effort and learning from mistakes. You can help at home, by praising hard work, effort and not protecting your child from failure but treating it as chance to learn and grow. Our Marvellous Me parent app is another way you can celebrate your child's growth mindset a we send regular messages home celebrating their growth mindset attitudes and behaviours.


How can I find out more about Growth Mindset?


Watch this video to understand how we praise children at school and how you can help at home. You'll get a quick explanation of how Growth Mindset works.


More information about why Fixed and Growth Mindsets matter so much to your child's personal development.


Weblinks if you want to find out more