School Improvement

School improvement at Coppice Valley is a whole school affair. Governors, staff, pupils and parents are included in the process. We recognise that improvement is a process over time, not an event; of exploring and researching, weighing up options and actions, implementing changes and evaluating their effectiveness. 

Our improvement structures help us to keep this process running effectively. We create an annual improvement calendar each year, that translates our improvement aims into a series of actions. This lets all staff and governors know what improvement activities are happening that week. Governors and senior leaders meet regularly for progress updates, reviewing and responding to improvement work. Staff work in teams on curriculum, teaching and learning improvement projects, exploring ideas and options, trialling them and modelling good practice to one another. Pupils are consulted about their views and encouraged to hold leaders and governors to account, by asking us questions about school improvement matters.

This year our school improvement priorities are summarised as:

  1. Having high expectations for all pupils - how can we further develop staff's questioning and scaffolding skills? 
  2. EYFS - how can we ensure greater progress for all pupils?
  3. How can we further strengthen the effectiveness of the governing body?
  4. How can we further support the social, emotional and mental health needs of our pupils?