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Coppice Valley Primary School

Respect, Pride, Choice

Welcome to Sycamore Class


Welcome back!

We hope you had a great Easter break and are looking forward to the summer term (fingers crossed for some warmer weather!)

This term we’ll be travelling way back to the Stone Age, looking at the way early man survived and how we have developed into the humans we are today.


Start of the Day:

The classroom doors will continue to open at 8:45am and all children should be in school by 8:55am to be registered. Arrivals after this time should be through the main entrance and could result in a late mark.

End of Day KS2 children finish at 3.30pm. Parents should wait outside the class door as usual. An adult will be about to make sure everyone is collected.

If you want your child to leave the premises un-accompanied, please put this in writing for us. If you are sending someone else to pick up your child, please call us in advance to let us know.

HOMEWORK – Reading, Spellings and Maths times tables (TT Rockstars)

Please use your planner to learn spellings and record reading every week. Please check planners for results of spelling tests. Try to use the Rockstars site for times tables at least three times weekly.


This website, The School Run, explains the curriculum for Year 3 for parents. It will show you how we teach maths, English and science and how you can help at home. This information is FREE

MATHS   You could help at home with these areas, which all Year 3 pupils are expected to achieve:

  • multiplication (grid method) and division (grouping method).
  • 3x 4x 8x tables (y3) and 6x 7x 9x tables (year 4)
  • Telling the time from an analogue clock (traditional clock with hands). Know how many days in a week, weeks in a year, months in a year, seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day.
  • Fractions – count in tenths and hundredths. Add fractions with the same denominator, say which of 2 fractions is larger, order a set of fractions
  • Geometry – recognise right angles, acute and obtuse angles
  • Shape – recognise 2D and 3D shapes by names and properties
  • Measurement – how many mm in cm, cm in m, m in km. (length) g in a kg (mass). ml in a l. (capacity)
  • Money – know all coins and notes. Add mix of coins and notes. Find change from £5 or £10




This term we are reading two fiction texts: Stig of the Dump by Clive King and Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. We will be basing our non-fiction work around How to Wash a Woolley Mammoth, by Michelle Robinson and DK Find out! Stone Age. We are using these whole class texts to work on English comprehension, punctuation and grammar work. We will also base much of our writing around these texts and will focus on revising, editing and redrafting our work.






Stone Age to Iron Age


Rivers and the water cycle


Rocks and soils; Plants & Animals



Images of Jesus; How do people express their spiritual ideas through the arts?

Art & Design Technology

Andy Goldsworthy art; focusing on natural & found objects & outdoor art, cave paintings

Music  (Active music)

Composing & performing

MFL (French)  

Days and Months, Bastille Day Celebrations


Using spreadsheets, databases and graphs, online safety.


Netball and Athletics


Moving on; me and my future



We are beginning to talk to the children about the language of learning and helping them to understand what goes on inside their heads when they are thinking and learning. This is called meta-cognition. Hopefully, you will hear your child talking about how they learn this term and the learning skills they are developing. Alongside this, we are looking at the learning powered mind focusing on the four key areas of: resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and reciprocity.

PE Days - Please make sure your child has full kit for the whole week. They need indoor and outdoor kit please – T-shirt, shorts, tracksuit and trainers are essential items.  Without the correct kit, your child may not be able to participate. Y3 PE this term will be Wednesdays, and either Thursdays or Fridays. (See website for uniform & PE list).


Please hear your child read to you AND read to your child EVERY DAY. 20 minutes reading a day = 2 million new words learned a year.

Swapping Books

Now your child is in KS2, it is their responsibility to change their own reading book. They can do this each morning, as soon as they come into the classroom. We don’t want the children to swap more than once a day as we want them to re-read books several times to increase their fluency and embed new vocabulary. Don’t worry if we send home the same book a few times. It is good to re-read texts many times, to embed new words and deeply understand the content.

Playtime snacks and Lunchbox contents – please don’t send chocolate and sweets in to school. At playtime kids need a healthy snack = fruit, veg, or cheese for example.

Water Bottles – please send your child with a NAMED sports-style pull up lid bottle and ensure it is brought home every day to be cleaned. With the approaching hot weather, please could we ask you to ensure that your child has suncream applied before they come to school and has a sun hat and water.

Class Email Account:         

NB This class accounts should only be used for sending photos/homework etc. All communication regarding attendance, requests for appointments and general enquiries should go through

If you’d like to see your child’s work or have a chat with us about progress and ways to help your child at home, please just come and ask us after school, and we can arrange a good time for us all.


We are more than happy to arrange parent workshops on the curriculum and ways to help your child. Please ask us if there is something you would like us to do for you.

Information and advice for parents about the national curriculum including how we teach maths, grammar and punctuation at school.








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