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Coppice Valley Primary School

Respect, Pride, Choice

Who are our Governors?

It's really important to all of us on the governing body that we're a visible part of the school community - always accessible to the children, to parents and to staff.

Part of that is telling you a bit more about ourselves in these short governor profiles. It's also a chance to make clear that there isn't a typical governor - we're a varied bunch!

Hello, I'm Mike. I'm Co-Chair of Governors at Coppice Valley school.

I'm a civil servant and I work for the Department of Health and Social Care. We work with other departments, and organisations like NHS England, on projects that are trying new ways of doing things in health and care. It's mainly an office job, and I split my time between sites in Leeds and London. I manage a team of people across both. There's lots of meetings, reports and a quite a few spreadsheets - standard office life!

In real life I'm a Dad and a Step-Dad (boys 8 and 12) - one through Coppice already and one still here. I love anything on two wheels (engine or not!), pretty much anything on/in water, and anything outside. I go camping as often as the family will let me! Our Coppice focus on outdoor experiences is hugely important to me.

My job as a governor is to rally everyone around a really clear idea of what we want and where we're aiming to get to. And then to go looking for evidence of that plan being put into action. For me, success is when staff feel motivated; that they are working for a common purpose, are valued, and feel supported to achieve their own professional goals. That creates a fantastic environment for our children where they can grow in our school - secure, happy and stretched to be the best they can be.

Drop me a note at the address below for a chat about anything.


Mike Carey, Co-Chair of Governors
Mike Carey, Co-Chair of Governors

Tracy Coleman,  governor

My family of three children have been involved with Coppice Valley for nine years, with my eldest son moving on to higher education.  I have had the opportunity to experience every year, every aspect, and all that Coppice Valley has to offer on the journey of parenting through to secondary school.  Therefore, I have a good relationship with the staff, and a sound knowledge of the services Coppice Valley have to offer.   

The ethos of Coppice Valley is something I am extremely passionate about, what the school stands for, who we are, why we are here and to help the school realise its very best potential within the remits of a governor.  I have a strong belief in delivering those messages from words into reality, so would appreciate any engagement from other parents, I am fully experienced in the pressures of modern parenting so please feel free to get in touch! 

I am usually about in the mornings  and welcome any questions or approaches from parents, it’s key that we get the engagement from parents and all members of the Coppice Valley Family, so that we might understand how we can potentially deliver on your expectations moving forwards. 

Tracy Coleman, co-opted governor
Tracy Coleman, co-opted governor

Emma Meadus, staff governor

I'm Deputy Headteacher and responsible for teaching and learning across the whole school. I spend a lot of my time in classrooms, working with our teachers and teaching assistants to develop new and improved ways to help our children learn. I also provide training and professional development for our staff. I'm an avid reader of educational research and use it to make sure Coppice Valley is at the cutting edge of high quality teaching and learning practice.

Recently I've been working on enhancing our curriculum, making sure it is exciting, engaging and provides everything our children need. Part of my role is to work with the governing body, to include them in our teaching and learning projects, so everyone understands what it is we are doing and why. 

Dylan Bodington, Governor

I’ve recently started my training as a secondary school maths teacher, after many years as a research biologist. It’s certainly a change being in front of students again after spending most of my time staring at a computer screen and trying to make numbers move the right way.

My two daughters are the 8th and 9th in the family to attend this school, going all the way back to the very first year the school opened. We’ve seen the school being built and we’ve seen it grow, we have been caretakers, cleaners and crossing guards; Coppice Valley has always been a big part of our lives.

I see my main role as a governor as supporting the board and staff in achieving their aims in improving the school and allowing them to concentrate on the education of the students. My particular passions are sustainability and environmental protection. I grew up in the wilderness, and try to return to it as often as possible, be it running, hiking, climbing or skiing. I feel now more than ever it is important to not only educate on the importance of sustainability, but to also take practical measures to reduce our impact on future generations.
We live right on the school’s doorstep, so I’m always around if you’d like to chat about anything.


Paul Clayton, Co-Chair of Governors

I have been a Governor at Coppice for over 9 years starting as a parent governor before being elected to vice chair and finally being elected to Chair of Governors 5 years ago.

My daughter is still a pupil, my son left for St Aidan’s 2 years ago and both have benefit greatly from ethos and family values that both the Staff and Governing Body live and breathe everyday. It's been a pleasure to watch Coppice Valley during its journey to be the school it is today. I feel extremely proud to have witnessed this happen as well as being part of this  amazing school and family.

As a parent you will see me regularly dropping my daughter off or alternatively picking her up from after school club and you may also see me at Sainsburys in Harrogate where I’m the Store Operations Manager.

As with all governors we welcome contact from parents, so if you have any questions about the what we do and how we support the school please ask. We would be more than happy to help.


Paul Clayton, Co-Chair of Governors
Paul Clayton, Co-Chair of Governors

Caroline Hatton, governor

I have been a governor at Coppice Valley for two and a half years. My involvement with the school began three years ago when I began volunteering on Friday afternoons listening to children read and helping to improve their literacy. I believe passionately that there is no substitute for giving children a good start in life by providing them with the best possible education. I have two grown up children and when one of them trained as a teacher my interest in education grew; I became aware of some of the issues facing schools, teachers and children in this ever-changing world. I wanted to offer my support and experience and get involved in the work of a local school. The education on offer at Coppice Valley and the commitment of its staff is extremely impressive. By being a governor I hope to provide support and encouragement to the whole of the Coppice Valley family to be the best it can be.

I trained as a lawyer and have worked in the private and public sectors including the NHS. I currently volunteer at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate in a well-being and safeguarding capacity. I am also involved in Velo Heads, an organisation in Harrogate offering alternative educational provision to young people who have either been excluded, or are under threat of exclusion, from secondary school.

caroline hatton, governor
caroline hatton, governor

John Drake, Headteacher

I have been headteacher of Coppice Valley for almost ten years. Prior to that I worked in several Harrogate area schools. I brought my own children to Coppice Valley as I passionately believed in the unique vision and values of the school. 

Dawn Taylor, governor

My two children attended Coppice Valley, and soon after my second child started I began work at the school as a teaching assistant. I was encouraged to gain my higher level teaching assistant qualification, culminating in me teaching Spanish across the whole school. Several years ago I made the transition to working in the school office and am now Office Manager. 

Anna Spratt – governor

I have been a teacher for over 25 years. I set up and ran a Montessori Nursery, teaching KS1 and KS2. The last 19 years I have been a specialist art teacher and have a deep commitment to the arts and how they enhance children’s learning and well-being.

I have grown to really appreciate the aims and ambitions of the school and all it does to support the children in its care. I remember as a child those rare moments of learning in alternative ways and how much happier I was because of them. Coppice Valley’s drive to provide experiential learning and growth mindset skills are values I share and look forward to supporting.

One of the many wonderful things Coppice Valley provides is green, outdoor space! Coming from London, my son lays great importance in all things green and the space to run around in the fresh air, unhindered. Having the opportunity to help develop this provision is an area I feel very passionate about.

Coming together as a community, bringing new and exciting ideas makes our children’s (and teachers!) experience of school a much happier one. If you would like to have a chat, I am around every morning and at the end of the school day.