Food & Snacks In School


We teach our children how to make healthy choices in our Science and PSHCE lessons We also have lessons in cooking and baking as well as growing fruit and vegetables in our school gardens. Our policy towards packed lunches and snacks in school reflects this approach to healthy eating.


School Meals

Our caterers provide a nutritionally balanced hot meal. There is a 3 week meal rotation each term. Pupils can choose between a hot dinner or jacket potato with various fillings. Parents must pay for school meals in advance using ParentPay. 


Packed Lunch Contents Advice

Developing and encouraging healthy eating habits in childhood can influence health and well-being in later life. Please help us to promote healthy eating when thinking about the contents of your child's packed lunch.


  • Put in a sandwich with a good protein source (meat, fish, cheese, vegetarian-meat substitute) is a better choice for energy to learn, muscle and brain development.
  • A good balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, pasta salad, rice salad) and fruit/vegetables and minimal refined sugar snacks and drinks help ensure your child has all the energy they need to have a great afternoon at school.
  • Please do not send your child with fizzy drinks, glass bottles/containers (can shatter) or chocolate bars.
  • You can find ideas for healthy packed lunches at



Packed Lunch Eating Arrangements

  • We provide our packed lunch eaters with a welcoming and friendly social area to eat in the Forest classroom.
  • There are displays about healthy eating and recycling in the room to educate the children about health and the environment.  
  • Fresh drinking water is available if children do not bring a drink from home.
  • Children take responsibility during one day of the week to help to keep the lunchroom clean and tidy.
  • We encourage children to take home what they don't eat so parents and carers can monitor their child's eating habits.




  • Snack times take place in classrooms before our morning playtime. at 10.30 am approx. 
  • We encourage all pupils to have a healthy snack, to help keep their energy levels up until lunchtime.
  • To be as safe as possible, pupils sit down to eat. 
  • Fruit is available free of charge to all KS1 children.
  • KS2 children need to bring in their own healthy snack from home.
  • Children may bring a healthy snack to eat such as cheese, fruit, vegetables or low sugar cereal bar.
  • Please do not send chocolate, biscuits or messy or time-consuming snacks i.e. yoghurt with spoon, as children eat their snacks at their desks for just 5 minutes before going out to play.


Birthdays/Celebration Foods

On occasion, children bring sweets from home to share on a special occasion i.e. birthday. We recognise that a healthy lifestyle is about balance, occasional treats and celebrating special times together. Pupils may bring sweets to share with their class, however we ask that the sweets/chocolates are pre-packaged ones that can be handed out at the end of the day. Children are told to ask their parents/guardians permission before eating the treat. Please do not send in birthday cakes as staff cannot safely cut and hand these out to pupils with possible cross-contamination and allergen-risks. 

PTA events i.e. discos and cake sales operate under the same philosophy of occasional treat food. Parents are usually present or know in advance what food that will be served so they can help their child make informed choices about which foods to have.