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Coppice Valley Primary School

Respect, Pride, Choice

How Coppice Valley has used the PE and Sport Premium to Develop Sports for Pupils, Improve Behaviour and Raise Academic Achievement

The dedicated primary PE and Sport Premium, which was announced in March 2013 and began the following September, goes directly to primary school head teachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils.

Primary schools around England are already using the premium to do such things as:

  • up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sport lessons
  • invest in quality coaching
  • provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
  • offer more after-school clubs
  • purchase better equipment
  • introduce new and unusual sports like fencing, climbing, ultimate frisbee and Danish long-ball to encourage more children to enjoy sport


2017-18 - £8895

  • Professional development  taught PE sessions from Total Sports Ltd
  • Inter-school competitions between local primaries, organised by Coppice Valley staff
  • Investment in more PE resources for football
  • Lunchtime equipment replacements


2016-2017 - £9150

  • Professional development focussed on football skills with Danny from Soccerkidz
  • Inter-school football competitions every week after school at the local high school (Sporting Influence)
  • Intra-school competitions (Sporting Influence)
  • Hockey - resources bought for teaching hockey in lessons and afterschool club set up. Inter school competitions planned.
  • Lunchtime equipment - tennis nets, racquets, goals, balls etc bought and adults leading sessions during lunch hours, using their professional development from last year.

2015-16 - £9200

This year, we are focussing our Sports development in these areas:

  • Professional Development this year will be on the teaching of dance for KS2 teachers and cross curricular themed sessions for KS1. Staff felt that these were now the areas they needed most development in, following in from previous years training in games and athletics.
  • Participation in sports fixtures against other schools (5 in total) and 6 weeks of intra-competition within school in the Summer term.
  • Sports Numeracy Sessions - an intervention to boost maths skills using PE (20 pupils over 11 weeks, 1 hour a week)
  • Literacy Through Sport - working in conjunction with Pobble, to boost the Literacy skills of 8 pupils for 5 weeks, using Sport as the medium.
  • Lunch time Games club over 2 days a week - Sports professional delivering quality games sessions on the playground during lunch time, to increase physical activity and improve behaviours by ensuring pupils learn how to play games fairly.
  • Equipment - ensuring the pupils have access to high quality equipment

2014-2015  £8960 allocation

This year will continue with many aspects from the previous year where feedback from governors and staff was excellent, however the process is evolving each year to improve the overall quality and evidence in all areas, plus taking into account the areas of weakness last year.

  • Professional Development - The bulk of the hours and funding will again be spent on professional development for the teachers which is essential to sustaining the learning across a wide variety of sports and activities.
  • Sporting Influence have worked with the school, and Mr Drake in particular, to assess the areas needed by the teachers for further development and a week by week plan has been formulated; the aim being that each teacher receives a block of at least six lessons of professional development within their class environment.  This model involves a process of observation by the teacher followed by team teaching, leading parts of the lessons and finally planning a session and receiving written feedback. Lesson plans and resources are provided to the teachers for them to follow and sustain what they have learnt.
  • This year the school has also agreed to gain further evidence of improvement in teaching by using video evidence at the start and end of blocks for professional development.
  • Last year Mr Drake and David Moss spent time planning an acronym (REST) to help assist the teachers in their teaching of PE, and to improve constancy of teaching and practise. Over this year all teachers will aim to use the acronym in their PE lessons so that staff are teaching consistently the same and pupils become used to this way of teaching.
  • Assessing PE and Monitoring Impact- We have planned to monitor the fitness levels of the pupils from year 3, 4, 5 and 6 throughout the year and produce data and graphs with the aim of showing improvement in their results towards the end of the year.
  • Competitions for All - We will continue with a structure of intra (in school) competitions that follow the sports that have been taught in that particular term – e.g  cricket/rounders intra-competition at the end of the summer term after striking and fielding has been taught.Schools are asked to encourage every student to take part.  Dojo points are awarded for taking part, winning matches, sportsmanship and teamwork. This year, transport will be provided for pupils whenever possible so it is not a barrier to some pupils participating.
  • Gifted and Talented – Inter-school competitions are organised at Harrogate High School so that the pupils get to play against talented performers from nearby schools whilst using high quality sports facilities.  The competitions are planned to compliment the sports taught in that term at school.
  • Inspirational Trips to Local Sports Facilities - The aim is to simply inspire the pupils and introduce them to some of the outstanding facilities within their area.  These include partnerships with Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Harrogate High School which includes some of the best sports facilities in the area.  Further trips and reduced rates include Harrogate Climbing Wall and Rudding Park Golf.
  • Raising the profile of Sport and continuing the legacy of the Olympics - Assemblies will be held through the year to raise the profile of sport, achievements in PE and give key messages such as determination, teamwork and healthy lifestyle.
  • A Sports Crew will be set up within school so that pupils can be involved in decision making and take ownership of some of the plans for sport in their school.  Pupils will apply to be considered for these positions of responsibility.
  • Sport Psychology- Sporting Influence will be spending time with each Key Stage Two class and working on a particular key social/behavioural skill that the class teacher has identified as being beneficial to improving their learning in lessons.  Examples of this are working on improving teamwork or respect – using the powerful tool of sport to motivate the pupils. This builds on last year's successful behaviour programme, aimed at particular pupils. This year whole classes will benefit from the programme, hopefully impacting on their general behaviour and learning behaviours as we saw it do last year for individuals.

Impact Update November 2014

  • Inter-school competition uptake much improved already. Coppice has entered and won 2 competitions recently - Archery and 7-a-Side Football.
  • Sports Psychology - impact on lunchtime behaviour already noted. Pupils managing feelings better in team games, leading to calmer lunchtimes and better learning in afternoons.


In 2013 the school had £8800 which was allocated to improving the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. We worked with Sporting Influence run by David Moss, local specialist PE teacher to achieve this by:

  • Specialist PE teachers training Coppice Valley teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE. Experienced Secondary School PE staff and highly qualified coaches delivered lessons with Coppice staff.

  • Worked together to identify weaknesses within the teachers capability and over a two year period deliver a programme of professional development that  included team teaching, observing class teachers, feeding back and sharing knowledge with other staff members. Lesson plans and schemes of work were worked through with the teachers and left with the class teacher to sustain the learning. The aim was for all class teachers to receive a block of work each year.

  • Developed the PE vision for the pupils with staff and ensured that all teachers worked towards the common goal. Lessons and sports were planned to allow them to naturally feed into Intra and Inter competitions at the end of the half term – allowing all pupils the opportunity to experience competition.

  • Identified gifted/talented pupils to represent the school in Inter School competitions and specific targeted trips/experiences.

  • Used links with local sports facilities and a high school to allow pupils to experience inspirational facilities for their competitions with the aim of enhancing the Olympic legacy and excitement around sport.

  • Forged new links with local clubs to introduce pupils to opportunities to further practice their skills outside school hours, whilst further extra- curricular clubs will be provided specifically targeting previously inactive pupils.

  • Developed leadership groups around sport in school to allow pupils to lead the younger pupils at playtime and in competitions.

  • Chose a sports crew to contribute to the schools vision through discussions and events organised by the pupils using key skills such as writing, communicating, planning and performing.

  • Delivered a specific behaviour programme to identify groups of pupils within the school, with a focus on improving key social skills through sport.

  • Targeted some children that may benefit from additional experiences- for example children who receive Pupil Premium funding.


  • Teachers - observably better skilled in teaching skills, subject knowledge of skill progression much improved (personal reflection & observation)
  • Pupils Sporting Skills - much improved through better teaching by own teacher and specialist coaching. Uptake in after school sports club higher
  • Pupils Social and Behaviour Skills - pupils chosen to do the Sports Crew and participate in the behavioural programme through sport, learned much about sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, conduct and self control. Specific pupils showed greatly improved behaviour around school, whilst out representing the school and in lessons.
  • Pupils Academic Learning - improved attitudes and behaviours, learned through sport, have transferred to the classroom into improved behaviours for learning.


Areas to Improve Next Year

  • Struggled to get pupils to Inter school sport competitions, after school hours.
  • Improve consistency in sport skills teaching amongst teachers
  • Find ways to measure fitness levels to show impact on pupils health and fitness as a result of the programme