Learners for Life


Values & Ethos 

At Coppice Valley, our aim is to inspire all our pupils to love learning and to have big ambitions for their lives.  We believe in the power of education to change the lives of all our community for the better.  Our purpose is to nurture the growth of the whole child - academically, socially and emotionally. Good relationships are at heart of our school - our ethos is warm, supportive and family friendly. 

How do we put our values and vision into action?

  • By putting exciting, real experiences at the heart of everything we do.
  • By using our amazing grounds to learn outside whenever possible, while teaching our pupils about nature and the environment.
  • By investing in our staff through challenging and robust professional development.
  • By developing strong and trusting relationships with our children, parents and the local community. 

Why values matter

Our values are what we stand for and live our lives by. They make us who we are and help us to stay focused on what we do and how we do it. Recently, the pupils have consulted on what values matter to us the most at Coppice Valley, at this time. Together, we have decided that our love for learning, seeking out new challenges, showing courage when learning is challenging and commitment to kindness is best reflected in the values, Brave, Curious and Kind.


We share the same values as the Red Kite Trust; promoting opportunities for all, fairness and equality and building strong partnerships with our community. 

  • Equality of opportunity for all the young people and staff in our schools.
  • Collective moral purpose through which we will help others and be professionally generous in all aspects of our work.
  • Integrity, openness, and trust that helps forge strong relationships between partners.
  • Fairness to each other as partners and to our associates and the individuals we work with.
  • Transparency and probity, particularly in financial matters and in accordance with the highest expectations of standards in public life (the Nolan principles).
  • Individual autonomy respecting the unique nature of each school and its place within its own community.
  • Support for others, offering help to other schools/academies and young people beyond our own where we have the capacity to do so.
  • Collaboration including with local authorities, other education providers and charitable bodies, to promote the success, welfare and safety of our young people.
  • Good governance which secures our aims and values within a robust accountability framework.