Working with Parents

Schools and parents have a shared interest in doing the best for their children. Parents’ interest and involvement in their children’s learning is consistently associated with positive outcomes for children of all age groups. With this in mind, the school works hard to build good relationships and strong home-school communication.


Parent Consultation and Communication

Parents are a vital stakeholder in the continuing success and wellbeing of their children. The school consults parents on their views regularly to ensure these are represented in our plans and decisions to improve outcomes for pupils. Online surveys, governor meet and greets and daily contact with staff at the start and end of the day. For parents who cannot get to school, we offer telephone or email communication through the admin email address. 


We use a variety of ways to communicate with parents:

  • Marvellous Me - an app that provides parents with personalised information about their child's day
  • Website mobile app to provide news and messages  


The school plans and monitors our school’s parental engagement activities to get the most out of them. Other recommendations look at the best ways to communicate with parents, and strategies for supporting learning at home.