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Apple Class Year 4

Welcome to Apple Class, Year 4

We've been planning our approach to the children's learning and well-being from March 8th. Our plan can be summarised as Map, Master and Move On.
Mapwe find out what the children have learned since January, what has stuck and what needs re-teaching. We also map out their emotional and social needs and work on re-establishing relationships and behaviour expectations in the classroom.
Master - we consolidate the learning since January, making sure the foundations are solid. We make sure the children are settled back into school, secure in their relationships and are having their wellbeing needs met. We make sure behaviours, rules and routines are all back on track.
Move On - at this point, we crack on with new learning at a good, but sustainable, pace.

Here is our timetable for the first Summer term: 

We will be continuing with our learning umbrella:  AFRICA

The key questions we will be covering this half-term are:


Science - Materials and their Properties - What materials would be appropriate for an outdoor art installation? 

GeographyHow important is Africa to the rest of the world?

HistoryHow have key figures in African culture, influenced current day attitudes?  

MusicWhy and how do musicians and composers scrutinise political issues in their music? 

DTHow does Dilomprizulike’s (Junkman of Africa) sculptures reflect the disenfranchised situation of many African people?  

REWhat does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? 

ComputingWhat is an algorithm? 



This half-term we are continuing to read 'A Good Day For Climbing Trees' by Jaco Jacobs.

We are really enjoying this book so far and look forward to finding out whether Marnus and Leila can save the tree from being cut down by the municipality. 


This half-term, the spellings we will be focussing on are: 













It is very important that the children keep up their practice of the times tables. The expectation by the end of Year 4 is that pupils know all their times tables up to 12. Of course, we will practice these in school but they can also practice at home on TTRockstars, and


In our maths lessons this half-term, we will be covering fractions, decimals, money and measure.


  • This half-term, PE will take place on Tuesday of the first week back and then Monday of the second week. This then alternates. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school on these days. 
  • All children should wear uniform which should be clearly named.  
  • Please make sure your child brings their own water bottle to school each day.
  • Please ensure your child brings a coat for outdoor play.
  • Drop-off time is between 8:45 - 9:00am. Pick-up time is between 3:15 - 3:30pm (please walk over to Apple classroom within this time slot to collect your child).