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Beech Class Year 1


Welcome to Year 1!

Home Learning Hub  If you have any problems logging onto Teams for your child's live lessons or accessing the follow up work on SeeSaw then please let school know.

Oak Academy National Classroom - Week commencing 01/03/21

Monday -        English                             Maths                        Science

Tuesday -        English                             Maths                        PHSE

Wednesday -  English                             Maths                        PHSE

Thursday -      English                             Maths                        PHSE

Friday -            English                             Maths                         PHSE

If you have any problems accessing any of these or wish to share any work, news or photo's please contact us on

Real PE - Lots of PE activities and skills to try at home.

This week's PE sessions - session 1 and 2

Numbots - Maths games

Active Learn Primary - Phonics activities allocated to you and reading ebooks

Oxford Owl - Lots of free books and resources

Scratch - Online computer programming with lots of tutorials


If you wish to inform us of an absence, appointment or have any questions please either phone the school or email at;

We've been planning our approach to the children's learning and well-being from March 8th. Our plan can be summarised as Map, Master and Move On.
Mapwe find out what the children have learned since January, what has stuck and what needs re-teaching. We also map out their emotional and social needs and work on re-establishing relationships and behaviour expectations in the classroom.
Master - we consolidate the learning since January, making sure the foundations are solid. We make sure the children are settled back into school, secure in their relationships and are having their wellbeing needs met. We make sure behaviours, rules and routines are all back on track.
Move On - at this point, we crack on with new learning at a good, but sustainable, pace.

Timetable for the rest of Spring Term

Mid Term Plan Spring 2

Beech Long term Overview

Pre-Cursive Handwriting

Key information: 

  • PE will take place on a Monday in Week 1 and Thursday of Week 2. 
  • Drop-off time is between 8:45am - 9:00am. Pick-up time is between 3:15pm - 3:30pm. Please drop off and collect your child from the Beech. 
  • Please make sure your child brings their own water bottle to school each day.