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Chestnut Class Year  5

Welcome to Chestnut Class!

I hope you're all excited for our new year in Chestnut! See below to see our learning for this half term.

What will we be learning about in this half term?

We have lots of exciting things to learn come September! One thing we will need to do is a little catch up on some things you might have missed because of the lockdown.


                               Our new topic:  Tudor Britain


The area we are going to be focused on right up until Christmas is the Tudors- this is a fantastic period of History to learn about and our other learning will tie in with this as much as possible! Our key question will be: "How did the Tudor times affect modern Britain?"


We will be covering any areas missed from Year 4 and then moving on to Year 5 Place Value and the Four operations 


We'll learn the "ough" and "cian" "sian" spelling patterns. We'll also be writing our own biography of a Tudor Monarch and a Newspaper Report based on events from Tudor times.


We'll be learning all about sound- our key question is "What was Tudor music like?"


Our question is, "Why do different countries have different time zones?"


Our question will be, "Why do some people believe God exists?"


"What were the influences of Tudor music?"


"How do computers know what we need them to do?"


"How do clothing fashions change over time?" We will look at fashions in the Tudor era compared to our own.


PSHE Units:

Being Me in My World
Celebrating Differences
Dreams and Goals
Healthy Me
Changing Me 
Units for E-Safety:
Self Image and Identity
Online Reputation
Managing Online Information
Health Wellbeing and Lifestyle
Online Anti-bullying
Online Relationships


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Our class read this half-term will be "Twelfth Night: A Shakespeare Story" by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross. We will be reading this alongside extracts from the original play by William Shakespeare!

I am very excited to read this book with you all. I know how much you all enjoyed doing Shakespeare plays in previous years- so you're going to love this one!



It's going to be a fascinating start to the year with lots of questions to find the answers to together! If you want to get a headstart and find out a little more about the Tudor period, when it was and what it was like, then please use the links/videos below:

Key information:

  • Drop-off time is between 8:45am - 9:00am. Pick-up time is between 3:15pm - 3:30pm. 
  • Please make sure your child brings their own water bottle to school each day

Yearly Overview

Chestnut Class Teaching Timetable

Useful websites
Internet Safety

Brush up on your typing skills!

Maths find out about shapes and their properties here.  This is an excellent way to find out about 3d shapes.  You can look at the shape, find out about its properties and find out what the net looks like.
Learn about finding the perimeter and area of shapes.

Use this web site to practise looking at numbers when you multiply or divide by 10, 100, 1000.

This is brilliant for understanding hopping between decimal numbers. You can see the hops and an explanation of the size of these hops too.

Use this to fully understand the order and size of numbers.

Use this site to become more familiar with the size of fractions, and to find equivalents.

Excellent geography pages.


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