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If adults talk with children effectively—taking the lead from the child, elaborating on what they say, asking questions, sharing rhymes or songs or books— then children are given the best start in developing the cognitive tools they need to succeed at school.

Early Intervention Foundation, The Best Start at Home, 2015

The Magic of Children

Welcome to Oak Class

Our staff team is:

Miss Baxter and Mrs Leach - Class Teachers and Mrs Batty - Teaching Assistant

 Learning and Development

 Adults work together with children in Oak Class, developing their learning, through engaging in play, collaboration and effective dialogue. Short whole class inputs are limited to the beginning and end of sessions to allow for large uninterrupted periods of play so that children can become fully immersed in their learning. As the year progresses, teaching will become increasingly structured to support the children's transition into Year 1.

Start and End of the Day

Our gates are open from 8:45am. School begins at 9:00am. Please say your goodbyes at the gate and encourage your child to enter school independently. 

The children finish school at 3:25pm and the children will be called to their adult at the gate. Please let us know if someone different will be collecting your child. If we are unsure, we will telephone parents to confirm home time arrangements. 

Teachers will be available to speak with parents once all of the children have safely been seen out. Alternatively you can make an appointment to speak with the class teacher at a suitable time.


All children are entitled to free school meals throughout EYFS and KS1. Please register on ParentPay to select your child's meal options.

Water Bottles

The children will need to bring their water bottle to school each Monday. This will be returned on Fridays to clean. Please make sure that this is clearly labelled.


Rolling snack with free fruit is available to the children to access throughout the morning. You may also provide a healthy snack from home.

Cool Milk

The children are entitled to daily milk free until they reach the age of 5, following their birthday, this is available at a cost. You must register on the Cool Milk website to receive milk.

PE Kits

The children will do PE every Monday afternoon with Mr Sowerby, our PE coach. They may also have other PE sessions during the week so PE kits will be sent home on a Friday. Please check that your child has come home with the correct kit! The school PE kit is navy shorts/joggers and white t-shirt with trainers and/or pumps.

Waterproofs and Wellies

The children must each have a set of waterproofs and wellies that can be kept in school. They will have the opportunity to work outside every day and it can get very muddy.

Spare Clothes

The children need a set of spare uniform and underwear in a bag to be kept in school in case of accidents or getting wet/muddy.


There is no homework in Oak Class but we do ask that you make time daily to read with your child, read to them and for them to read to you. The children will bring home a phonics and a library book home weekly. We strongly believe that reading is the key to successful learning.

Paper Free

We aim to be as paper free as possible therefore you will find all of our school information online. To ensure that you are kept informed of school news and your child's learning, please ensure that you have access to the following apps/webpages:

  • ParentPay - All payments will be made through this website. You will also need to be on Parent Pay to sign up to clubs, trips and school dinners. If you require a log in, please ask in the school office.
  • School Jotter - All school news and updates will be sent through the school jotter app. No log in details needed.
  • School Interviews - All parents meetings can be book via this web page.
  • Tapestry - In Reception, we use online learning journals on Tapestry that you can access via the app of web page. Please speak with Oak Class teachers if you require log in details.
  • Social Media - Coppice Valley Primary School has it's own Facebook and Instagram page, follow to receive updates about what is going on in school.
Web pages to support learning at home:
Oxford Owl - supports learning in Literacy and Maths.
Phonics Play - Lots of phonics games.
Teach Handwriting - we use pre-cursive writing in reception. This has videos to model how to form each letter.
Tapestry - Please check weekly for updates and to add learning from home.
Alphablocks - Watch as the letters of the alphabet tell stories and make words using phonics.



Oak Class are reading:

Christmas Stories

NSPCC Pants (The Underwear Rule)

Oak Class will be discussing the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule as part of the EYFS Curriculum which includes learning about positive relationships with children and adults, and similarities and differences between themselves and others.

Research suggests the rules are most valuable when taught at a young age, and children can start to be taught them from around the age of three. During these discussions we will use ‘Pantosaurus’ to teach the children about private parts and how to stay safe without giving explicit information or telling scary stories. The children will be designing their own pants too.

We will be teaching the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule, using the ‘PANTS’ acrostic. PANTS stands for:
• Privates are private
• Always remember your body belongs to you
• No means no
• Talk about secrets that upset you
• Speak up, someone can help
If you would like to know more about the NSPCC’s campaign and see how you can help keep your children safe, more information can be found at: nspcc.org.uk/underwearrule
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yoimoji means 'good character'

The Yoimoji characters each represent a value that, over time, helps build children’s understanding of a range of important values that help them to become good characters who are ready to learn....

Alphablocks Letter sounds

Letter Teams - Digraphs and Trigraphs