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Sycamore Class Year 3 & 4

Hello Sycamore Class! I will update this page regularly with activities for you to do at home. 

Sometimes I will post the answers on this page or I may ask that you email me your work, if you can, at (or even just drop me a friendly email)

Connor's super Easter wordsearch - give it a go!

Weekly Challenge

Weekend challenge

Just for fun!

Elliott's den took over his whole room!

Notice the make up? Essential camping equipment. I never forget mine!

Year 3 Maths on this page. Year 4 maths on Apple page.

Addition in Year 3

Subtraction (finding the difference) in Year 3

What is a 'fact family'? - Year 3

Times Table Quiz - click play

Year 3 - Early Bird Maths - answers

Year 3 - Early Bird Maths 

Year 3 - Maths Challenge - answer

Year 3 - Maths Challenge

What is this fraction?

Year 3 - The Golden Challenge - answer

Year 3 - The Golden Challenge

Want more maths? Click here...  I see maths lessons

Sycamore - Reading - I was There 1066 - Chapter 17 and Epilogue 

Chapter 17 and Epilogue - click on play and follow the text.

Sycamore - Reading - Chapter 17 - questions

Sycamore - Reading - Chapter 16 answers

Sycamore - Writing - New competition

Sycamore - Writing - Competition - Results

Thanks for the entries boys! This week's winner (and it made me laugh out loud!)

Kai and Justin the tree!

Punctuation and Grammar - revisit

Punctuation and Grammar - answers

Spelling - answers

Spellings  Quiz!




 Growth Mindsets: help your child try new things - CBeebies ...

Ignore that it is CBeebies  - it's good for all ages