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Willow Class Year  5 & 6

Year 6 learning here!

As school is partially opening for specific year groups, all of our teachers are needed in school to plan and teach the returning children. Therefore, home learning will look a little bit different from now on. We will now be using the Government's Oak Academy and will post your timetable of work for the week on our class pages. If you have any questions regarding the work that has been put on please email where Mrs Knowles will be picking up emails.

Please only use this email address to contact Mrs Dodson where a response is not urgent as we cannot guarantee that it will be checked daily. But feel free to send anything that you wish to share with her. 

If your child's circumstances have changed in any way during this period away from school then please email the class teacher on the class account above.

This Week's Learning - Mon 29th June - Fri 3rd July 

Year 6 English -Diary

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Year 6 Maths - Fractions

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Year 6 Spanish- Click on the lesson to be taken to the relevant page

Want more? BBC Bitesize have many daily lessons on lots of different subjects. Click here for the Year 6 page.

Feel free to continue sharing what you are getting up to and working through your CPG books if you wish.


Feeling nervous about secondary school is perfectly normal. But it's also really exciting!! 

Follow Alfie through a typical day of high school.


Useful websites
Internet Safety

Brush up on your typing skills!

Maths find out about shapes and their properties here.  This is an excellent way to find out about 3d shapes.  You can look at the shape, find out about its properties and find out what the net looks like.
Learn about finding the perimeter and area of shapes.

Use this web site to practise looking at numbers when you multiply or divide by 10, 100, 1000.

This is brilliant for understanding hopping between decimal numbers. You can see the hops and an explanation of the size of these hops too.

Use this to fully understand the order and size of numbers.

Use this site to become more familiar with the size of fractions, and to find equivalents.

Excellent geography pages.

Complete this with your parents.  How many planets would we need if everyone in the world lived your lifestyle?