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Friday Update from Mrs Meadus

Posted 13th January 2023

Coppice Valley Primary School (94)


Lots of news and reminders this week, as we get into the new Spring term. 

Local Lotto Winner!

Great news, one of THE LOCAL LOTTO supporters of Coppice Valley Primary School has won £250 on the weekly draw. It’s wonderful that one of our school community has won! If you’d like to find out more, you can visit the website here THE LOCAL LOTTO for the Harrogate District – Harrogate Borough Council

Amazon Wishlist Big Thanks

Thank you for your donations! We’ve already had several books sent to school from our families.

Find out how to donate here

Online Safety Newsletter

This month’s edition of the newsletter has updates on Minecraft and Whatsapp. If your child is using these, please do read the information for the latest expert advice on keeping your child safe online.

Online Safety Newsletter Primary January 2023

s-b-vonlanthen-FaiZNiofP-U-unsplashGlobal Belly Laugh Day – 24 January

Our next Family Breakfast, on 24th January, coincides with Global Belly Laugh Day. This day is all about connecting with each other through a good laugh and recognising how our sense of humour can help us through stressful times. With this in mind, if you have a good belly laugh (child-friendly!) joke you can share, please come along with it to the Family Breakfast. Mr Cawte has (been) volunteered to tell jokes to you all at the breakfast to get you all laughing and we’d like you to share your best jokes with us too.


Snow Day Procedures

We’re coming to the time of year when we start to get snow so it’s a good time to remind you about our Snow Day protocols.

If the school cannot open because it is not safe to do so, I will make that decision as soon as I can in the morning, usually before 7.30 am. (On rare occasions, I may have to make a decision later than that, for example if there’s little snow at 7.30 then a sudden blizzard at 8 am.) The school will inform parents if the school is not open via email AND text. Please do not call the school to ask as we will not be able to take your calls while we are managing the situation. We will always let Your Harrogate and Greatest Hits radio know if we are closing so you can check on their websites as well as listening online.

If the school needs to close during a school day due to the weather, we will communicate via email AND text to let you know. If you have given your child permission to walk home via the Arbor app then they will be allowed to walk home early from school (unless you call us to say otherwise).

Please make sure to keep your phones handy and check them frequently for messages from us on snowy days. We don’t do online learning on snow days, unless the school is shut for several days in a row.

Calendar Error

Our school calendar on the website had an error on it which has now been fixed. A teacher training day was listed as 7th June when it is actually 7th July. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Staff Car Park

Please don’t pull up or park in the entrance to the carpark to drop off or pick up children. Doing so is dangerous for the families crossing the entrance at this point. The car park is just for staff and certain, pre-agreed parent users.

Kind regards,

Emma Meadus


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