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Curriculum Content

Our Coppice Curriculum has 2 elements:

  1.  The delivery of the National Curriculum
  2.  Personal Development Education 

The following diagram shows the components of our Coppice Curriculum. The two elements blend together to provide our children with a curriculum that develops the whole child.

Delivering the National Curriculum 

To deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum we use:

  • The Cornerstones Curriculum which provides exciting learning journeys that bring the National Curriculum to life. It is broad and balanced ensuring pupils do not experience a narrow curriculum. Our Cornerstones themes include and celebrate the best that has been thought, said and done in British and world culture e.g. Shakespeare, Mary Anning and Edward Munch. FBV and SMSC are planned into these topics in meaningful ways.
  • The North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. This covers learning about the major world religions.

Personal Development

We teach children the skills and knowledge to realise their talents, develop their character and build their resilience. They learn about British Values, Diversity and Mental Health & Wellbeing. We achieve this through:

  • The Coppice 50 - these are special learning activities we have planned into each year group, linking to topics where possible, that provide our children with essential social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning. These special opportunities enrich our children's academic education, allowing them to develop a deeper appreciation for nature, cultures and traditions or to develop vital personal and social skills. For instance, we visit the theatre, the countryside, a university and various places of worship. We learn the skills of first aid, growing and preparing food, taking public transport and bike riding. We learn about social responsibility by supporting local, national and global charities and getting involved in local politics.
  • YoiMoji - a curriculum of values and character building using stories and animations. Characteristics, attitudes and FBV are brought to life for pupils in easy to understand ways. We learn about the world of YoiMoji in assembly and in our classes.
  • Personal, Social and Health Education delivered using the North Yorkshire PSHE Curriculum entitlement framework 

Curriculum Plans

Each class page has planning for the particular year group and term on their own pages. Below you can find the yearly plans for each class.

Beech Year 1

Ash Year 2

Sycamore & Apple Year 3/4

Chestnut & Willow Year 5/6

Here are links to the National Curriculum and the North Yorkshire RE Agreed Syllabus