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Curriculum Content

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Below, you can read about our Coppice Curriculum. 

You can learn more about our approaches to Teaching and Learning here and our unique Coppice 50 experiences.

Curriculum Plans

Each class page has planning for the particular year group and term on their own pages. These are found on each class page. 

Here are links to the National Curriculum and the North Yorkshire RE Agreed Syllabus

Curriculum Update- COVID-19

In response to learning loss as a result of the global pandemic, our Catch-Up Plan focusses primarily on the key skills of Reading, Writing and Maths. Our Coppice Curriculum continues to be broad and balanced. We have not dropped any subject areas. The design of our curriculum ensures regular revisitation of previously learnt knowledge. This means that despite pupils having missed certain content, due to school closure, the lost learning will be delivered across all subjects over time.