Learners for Life


Maths is an important skill which is used in everyday life. At Coppice Valley we want our children to master a sense of number then build on this to develop the skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The Maths curriculum is built on progression within each year. Each year group has a logical sequence of objectives that build on prior learning and ultimately lead to a mastery of maths.

We aim to help our students become lifelong learners, constantly growing and challenging themselves. We want our children to be skilled mathematicians, who are confident to tackle mathematical problems. We want our pupils to enjoy the challenge that maths can bring and to see its importance in their lives. We will do this by:

• Engaging children in mathematical learning by sparking their curiosity, building confidence and bringing the subject to life by providing pupils with the bigger picture of maths i.e. the relevance to real life, the history and cultural significance of mathematical discoveries

• Providing an environment conducive to challenge and collaboration i.e. with relevant resources and a safe atmosphere in which failure is seen as a route to learning

• Developing pupil’s mathematical skills and knowledge by teaching in a coherent and cohesive manner that is structured in such a way that learning is progressive and systematic, allowing time for skills to be consolidated. They will enjoy the process of learning through making mistakes and the feeling of success that comes from solving a challenge.

• Encouraging children to apply their mathematical understanding i.e. reasoning to a partner and taking low-stakes quizzes


For more information about how we teach addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, read our guides: