Coppice Valley Primary School

Learners for Life


At Coppice Valley, our aim is for children to be competent writers, capable of clearly expressing their ideas using Standard English. We want our pupils to enjoy the process of writing and to feel pleasure in their abilities to turn their thoughts into well-crafted sentences. We:

  • engage our pupils in a culture of writing. We explore ideas for writing in deep and imaginative ways e.g. drama, role play and writing for a real purpose and audience 
  • teach pupils how to master grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structures for specific genres of writing. Pupils learn to create their own texts through innovative use of these skills
  • develop pupils’ skills robustly by teaching in a logical sequence that facilitates deep skill development. Developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding through exposure to a wide range of genres, writing styles and authors.
  • teach pupils to work in a reflective atmosphere of talk, to give and take feedback to improve their writing for their readers. Pupils express their skills by creating polished pieces of writing that are shared with an audience.


Writing at Coppice Valley - more information about how we teach writing.