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Changes to Drop Off/Pick Up Points

8 June 2020 (by schoollogin)

We need to make some changes.

Hello everyone,

The school had to have a series of risk assessments to re-open safely which included how adults and children would enter/exit and wait on the site. I've got to do everything I can to minimise the risk of transmission between parents and children while you are on the site.

Initially, I asked you to wait on the long grass around the willow tree but I can see how in wet weather this is not a nice prospect and that the long grass is not providing much space to wait on! So we've been having a think this morning and think that the short grass around the hall building might be better as a waiting area. Please wait on all 3 sides of the hall, on the short grass from now on.

I know it is very tempting for them to run around and play on the grass but can you please keep your children with you in the morning as you wait to get called in. Again, it's another condition of our risk assessment to reduce transmission risks by staying socially distant from adults not in their family group. 

Finally, we noticed that some families were having difficulty entering the site safely as groups of parents had gathered by the car park gate, standing on the paths. Please can you not use the paths to wait on, just for moving on and off the site and alwasy move onto the grass arouond the hall. 

Thank you for being so understanding and patient, 

Best wishes

Emma Meadus