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Corona Virus Update: Key Worker Childcare

19 March 2020 (by schoollogin)

URGENT: Please read and respond today

Dear Parents/Carers

This morning, Red Kite Learning Trust (RKLT) met to discuss plans for providing childcare for the children of key workers. We do not have all the information we need from government yet about which jobs count as key workers and which pupils are classed as vulnerable but we expect this information tonight or tomorrow. The Red Kite Trust and North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are working together to provide a joint approach to these extremely challenging circumstances.

What I can tell you with certainty now is that Coppice Valley school will be open from Monday 23rd March to Friday 27th March but only to provide essential childcare for the children of vital NHS and Emergency Services workers i.e. those that are frontline in the fight against corona. For the children of key workers who use Before and After School Club, the main school will be open from 7.30 am to 6 pm. School is closed to all other children. I must stress that the government have said to school leaders that this service is only for key workers that have no other options for their childcare. If your child can be safely cared for by alternative means then it is expected that you will do this so as not to put undue strain on the system or risk infection.

All RKLT schools will run for 1 week in this way. This is a Transition Week. During this week, RKLT and NYCC are drawing up plans for how to manage this childcare offer over the longer term. It is likely resources and staff will be pooled and the childcare offer will run centrally from 1 or 2 locations but there is no definitive answer yet. As soon as I have information about what happens after the Transition Week, I will of course share it with you.

If you are an essential NHS or Emergency Services worker, and you need this childcare offer in order to work next week, please email the school to tell us at

I will be contacting you again to register for key worker childcare after the government has issued its full lists of key workers and vulnerable children. You may not be included in the offer for next week, but find you are for the following weeks. Please be patient and understand that we are doing everything we can at the moment to make this work in very difficult circumstances.

During these extraordinary times, we will do what we can to keep some kind of education going for our children but this will in no way resemble a normal education or curriculum. I have been told this morning that the offer to key workers is for childcare not schooling. Staff at Coppice Valley and across RKLT are working together to come up with learning projects and packages for the longer term. In the meantime, please use the Corona Support page on the Coppice Valley website for learning ideas. Teachers will be updating their class pages soon with more ideas. At the moment though, our priority is the health and safety of our children and staff. I will keep you informed as soon as I know more.

Please take care of yourselves and keep checking social media and the website for updates.

Best wishes,

Emma Meadus