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20 March 2020 (by schoollogin)

While Coppice Valley is closed, please read to see what your child can access at home.

As a school we have decided that, with many of our Coppice children unable to attend school, we would like to try and give them a bit of 'normality'.
Each class page on website contains a number of activities for children to complete, this will be updated regularly and are very similar in structure to what we would normally do in the classroom. We will not, as yet, be teaching children anything new but will use this time to consolidate knowledge through revisiting previously taught objectives, which is our current classroom practise anyway.
We believe that we can cater these activities for the main bulk of our class, making them more personal and conducive to your child's learning than a website with many different options of things to do. That said we have log ins for children on:
Time Table Rockstars - where times tables appropriate for your child have been set. 
Numbots - a maths programme, that starts off at reception level and works all the way through to Year 6. We couldn't set the levels on this so it will start off very easy!
ActiveLearn - A website with many phonics books on, only children who we believe will benefit from phonic reading books have been given log ins for this.
Oxford Owl - A free website for parents to sign up too with many online books to choose from.
Your child's class teacher may have given your child a log in for a different website that they have chosen so that your child can continue to develop a specific skill.
On the class pages you will find an email address. This is a monitored email address that your child's teacher can access. Your children can, through this medium, send work in for the class teacher to look at or even just share things that they have been doing at home - bringing a bit of normality into home, especially if they are needed to self-isolate (and also for teachers who may be self-isolating also!). The email address is also there if you have any questions to ask regarding the activities that we have planned or for clarification on vocabulary, best methods etc. We will be posting answers and how to solve problems on these pages too.
If your have taken your child out of school already but wish to pick up their workbooks so that they have something to write in then please let us know. If your child cannot remember or do not know their log ins then please email your child's class teacher.
We do not know how long this situation will last for but if it is long term then class pages will be the epicentre of your child's learning. 
As a staff we want you all to know that although the school is 'closed' our teachers are only at the end of an email and will continue to work for your child, as long as we are able to and for as long as this lasts.