Coppice Valley Primary School

Learners for Life

Emergency Closure Procedures

In the event of snow, please note the following:

We understand that the majority of our pupils live within walking distance of school and can get to school in most circumstances. However, many of our staff live further afield and have difficulty getting in during heavy snow, making it impossible to maintain our pupil to staff ratios. There are a number of other health and safety issues we need to consider to ensure the safety of everyone while they are in school.

Assume school will open in the first instance, but check your School Jotter App for News updates. We will let you know if school is going to be closed for the day as early as we can. We will also let you know if school closes during the day by the School Jotter App. If your child walks alone to school, please confirm school is open before sending your child off. 

Listen to Stray FM on 97.2. They will read out lists of schools that are closed.

Please do not telephone the school - we try to keep these lines open so that staff can contact us to let us know their situation. If the school closes during the day, staff that live near to school will stay with children who cannot be picked up quickly; please travel safely on these occasions and remember the children will be in good hands.

Any parent/carers who still arrive at school with their children at the normal start time will be updated by a member of staff if available. It is therefore important that Stray FM bulletins are listened to.

In bad weather, parent/carers wishing to collect their child early will be able to do so from approx. 2pm onwards to enable them to get home safely in daylight. If this time changes a School Jotter News alert will be sent. Parent/carers must collect from Reception at the front of school and sign their child out.

In the event of school having to close earlier than normal all parent/carers will be informed by the School Jotter App. Emergency contact numbers will be used, pick-up arrangements will be logged and a record will be kept of departure times. If parent/carers cannot be contacted children will remain in School and we will continue to try to make contact.