Coppice Valley Primary School

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Parent Comments

Some comments from our recent End of Year reports:

"Thank you for spending time with my child this year. She loves school and I am sure she will keep up the good work."

"My child has loved her time in Year 2. Thanks to all her teachers and assistants for fulfilling her passion for learning."

"Thank you for the lovely comments. My child has really grown in the last year. He's excited for another year with his teacher."

"As my child enters his final year at Coppice Valley, I reflect and am so grateful that he has been given the opportunity to be a member of the Coppice family. He has been supported and nurtured throughout his time at Coppice and this is reflected in the confidence that he has gained in his abilities. Thank you."

"Coppice Valley has been wonderfully supportive for which we are really grateful. With your help, our child is happy, confident and fulfilling her potential." 

"Thank you all so much for your hard work over the year. Our son is always happy to go to school. He had progressed a lot. We are so proud to be part of Coppice Valley Primary."