Coppice Valley Primary School

Learners for Life

Parents at Coppice Valley

At Coppice Valley, we think of ourselves as a family - we tell our pupils and staff that they are part of a Coppice Family - a team that works together to give our children the best opportunities in life that we can. But our Coppice Family doesn't stop there - it extends to the families and carers of our pupils too. We want you to feel warmly welcomed and fully included in the life of the school.

As a parent or carer at Coppice Valley, you can expect:

  • to be invited into your child's class for fun-filled activity sessions e.g. Christmas crafts, art and technology projects and performances. 
  • to be given information about your child's learning through information meetings about the curriculum and parent-teacher meetings about your child's progress
  • to be welcomed to our various family events - termly family breakfasts, monthly parent/carer cafes and annual family festival
  • to be an automatic member of the PTA - everyone is welcome to meetings and encouraged to help out if you can

Our teachers and assistants are always there to greet you at the classroom door between 8.45 and 8.55 am. This is a good time to pass on any messages about your child or just to say good morning! Mrs Meadus is usually to be found outside school in the morning too. 

As a school, we work with many local services. If you need help of any kind, please do ask us as we can point you in the right direction.