Coppice Valley Primary School

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E-Safety for Parents

In school we are developing a comprehensive curriculum to support children’s online safety.  However, this must be supported by you as parents.  It is important that you: 

  • understand why your child uses the internet 
  • what the risks are  
  • and how you can support their E-Safety. 

The internet, and associated anonymity leads to a disinhibition; it is imperative you check your child’s activity daily to ensure that they are behaving on-line, as you would expect in real life.  Inappropriate images, use of language and comments can cause issues: the digital footprint / digital tattoo your child creates is difficult to erase and can impact their future, especially if they are to go to court. 

Please use the drop down menus at the start of this 'E-Safety for Parents' section to look more closely at how you can learn more to understand your children’s use of the internet, safely manage their online activity and support them if something goes wrong.