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Website Links about  Online Risks

Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

You can report online abuse by following this link to CEOP, (Child Exploitation & Online Protection) a command of the National Crime Agency.

General advice and information:


Grooming Advice

Preventing Online Abuse

Talking with your child about online safety

Communicating about technology 


Click on the documents below to see how Coppice Valley pupils compare with all children across North Yorkshire surveyed about Internet Safety. 

You'll be able to see that 12% of KS2 pupils say they have seen something upsetting online and 14% said they communicated with people online they have not met in real life. Although this last figure is lower than the average for North Yorkshire, it is still very worrying. School is committed to delivering a first-class E-safety Curriculum using Project Evolve to give our children the skills to keep themselves safe. 

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