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Catch Up Funding

Following school closure in March 2020, the government provided Catch Up Funding for the 2020-21 school year. The g statement below from the CEO of Red Kite Learning Trust, Richard Sheriff, explains the Trust's approach and rationale to spending. 

Coppice Valley's Approach to Catch Up

Background and Evidence: What are our pupils telling us they need?  Rationale for our Catch Up Plan

Pupils: Evidence gathered from Year 1-6 shows that a range of pupils from all prior attainment groups are in need of catch up. There is no pattern with regards to other groups – EAL, Boys/Girls, Pupil Premium pupils etc.  Evidence gathered from the new Reception cohort is telling us that their lack of pre-school/nursery has had an impact on their school-readiness. Social and emotional skills and speech and language development have been markedly affected by lockdown.   

Subjects: As predicted, we are looking at a range of gaps – maths, reading, writing, phonics. Our home learning offer was thorough, but some families struggled to engage as they were working from home, a few lacked enough IT hardware and some found it challenging to help their children with the work.  

Attention/Concentration: One of the most obvious effects of school closure, has been the decrease in pupils’ attention spans and their ability to concentrate. Timetables have had to be adapted to offer pupils a rapid succession of shorter tasks and regular breaks. Pupils are getting tired quickly. Teachers are being very skilful in managing their timetable to avoid overload for pupils. Attitudes to learning and school are good – pupils are happy to be back and loving their lessons. They need us to help them build up their learning stamina again. 

Measuring Impact: Children complete a short quiz, test or sample piece of work before they begin their catch-up work. This is repeated at the end of the series of sessions to measure the impact of the teaching. This approach can be flexible i.e. if the teacher can see that the child has made rapid progress, a quiz/test can be given sooner than planned and the focus of the catch-up work redefined. Red Kite Learning Trust have engaged an external education consultant to review the work and impact of our catch-up programme. There will be 2 reviews in the 2020-21 academic year, one in Autumn term and one in Spring. The Autumn term review has been completed and was a very positive experience. 

Coppice Catch Up Plan using the EEF COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools, we have formulated this approach. 


  • The Deputy Head, Mr Cawte, has the role of Strategic Leader for Catch-Up across Years 1-6.
  • He works with each class teacher. 
  • Mr Cawte works with teachers to be diagnostic, spending time with the pupils in lessons, working alongside them, testing and quizzing to delve deeper into where the gaps are and which pupils are most in need of catch up work. 
  • The EEF states that great teaching is the most important lever for Catch-Up. As Strategic Leader for catch up, Mr Cawte works with each teacher in KS1 and KS2 to ensure great teaching. 
  • The catch up teaching  is flexible depending on the pupils and their needs. For example, Mr Cawte may work alongside pupils in class, he may deliver pre- and post- teaching, an intervention or teach pupils in groups or 1-2-1, he may teach half the class while the teacher has the other half or he may take the whole class while the teacher delivers specialised teaching etc. In this way, we create the capacity to respond to pupils dynamically and flexibly needs as they change.  
  • Mr Cawte’s time for Catch Up work has been carefully organised not to affect pupils learning by missing key teaching in lessons. A timetable has been drawn up which shows how this is organised. 
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