Coppice Valley Primary School

Learners for Life


Resilience is sometimes described as the ability to bounce back from set backs.

Everyday life is full of challenges big and small so it's important that we all have inner resilience.

At Coppice Valley we take a whole school approach to support our pupils using evidence-based practice  from Young Minds Resilience Approach, The Resilience Framework and The National Centre for Children and Families.  We can also help children individually, if they are struggling with self-confidence and personal resilience. Talk to us if you think we can help.

Do you think your child may need to build their resilience?

Watch this video by teacher and psychologist Jean Gross to learn more. Jean talks about what lack of resilience looks like and how you can help to build up your child's resilience. 

Some of the ways we support pupils to develop resilience:

  • Developing problem solving opportunities
  • Support to help others in school and the community
  • Helping to decide on, develop and maintain school policies and practices
  • Life skills and extra curriculum groups including sports,cooking and gardening
  • Developing relationships with peer mentoring and restorative approaches
  • Learning about mental health and managing feelings and emotions
  • Supporting pupils with goals and aspirations with opportunities and access to good role models.

Providing help and support through everyday challenges is an important step in helping children develop confidence. You can find out more at: