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Food in School

Coppice Valley Primary School (58)

School Meals

These are cooked in our own kitchen and offer a choice of menu each day. Allergies, religious and special diet requirements can be accommodated.  Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) are currently available to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Children in Year 3 – 6 need to pay for their dinners. Dinner money is paid via Arbor using either the Parent Portal (Online) or the Parent App.

Dinner money must be paid in advance via Arbor. If a child misses a day through absence (sickness etc.) any money on their account will just roll over to the next meal. 

Applying for free school meals

Packed Lunches

These should be brought to school in clearly labelled, unbreakable containers or lunch boxes, but please no fizzy or hot drinks or chocolate bars/sweets.  If any child forgets their packed lunch and we are unable to contact a parent, they will be provided with a school meal (to be paid for on Arbor please).

We ask that you send a healthy packed lunch for your child to sustain them through the day. Chocolate covered biscuits bought from a ‘biscuit aisle’ (Penguins etc.) are acceptable. Biscuits and crisps brought in for a packed lunch MUST NOT be eaten at playtimes. Due to children in school with food intolerances we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL.

In addition we have a child in school with a serious egg allergy. We are not an egg free school but children should not bring in boiled eggs, scotch or egg sandwiches for their packed lunch.

Healthy Packed Lunch Information Leaflet


Reception and Key stage 1 children are given a piece of fruit or vegetable at morning break which is funded by the Government. You are welcome to send your own snack but no sweets/chocolate/crisps/ biscuits please - only healthy snacks are allowed.


Water in school

Children need to be well hydrated to be healthy and effective learners. Each child is given a named water bottle on their first day at school.  Parents/carers should take these home to wash every Friday.  Replacements can be bought from the office.

If you want to provide your own bottle from home please ensure it is named, has a ‘sports’ top and is in a re-usable bottle. Please don’t send single use water bottles. Flavoured or fizzy water and squash is not allowed.

Playtime Snacks

We encourage all children to have a snack at playtime to keep their energy levels up.  At present all Reception and KS1 children are given a piece of fruit or vegetable which is funded by the Government. KS2 children need to bring their own healthy and easy/non-messy snack. Appropriate snacks for playtime are: fruit, vegetables, cheese including cheese strings, dried fruits and cereal bars (no chocolate). No chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps for snack please. NO NUTS PLEASE.

Food Allergies and Intolerances

It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the school of pupils’ food allergies and to keep the school updated of any change in these circumstances. The school keeps a note of allergies on pupil records. In order to maintain the health of children with allergies, sharing packed lunch food is not permitted.

Allergens Procedure

Birthdays and Special Occasions

If you want to bring in a birthday treat for your child’s class to share at the end of the day we ask that it be pre- wrapped items - sweets or biscuits, and that they be nut-free please. Staff will try to ensure that these are handed out on the correct day, however please be aware that this may not always be possible.

Birthday/Celebration treats brought to school by parents to share with children, must be individually wrapped with ingredients and allergens printed on the packaging. Homemade items or bought items that are not individually wrapped with printed ingredients/allergens are not appropriate.


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