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Effective governance is at the heart of any successful school, academy or Multi-academy trust and we have worked hard to make sure our governance model will deliver this.

The diagram below provides a summary of what governance looks like in our MAT but further details can be found within the scheme of delegation.

In essence there are three levels: the Members of the Trust who have a wholly strategic view of the MAT, setting out the vision and values and ensuring they are adhered to. The Members are also able to hold the Trustees to account for delivering on the agreed mission, values and goals. The Trustees ensure that schools in the Trust deliver on the Mission and provide support and challenge to the central Trust team, as well as holding individual schools to account when required. They have a key oversight role as well as being involved in the management and delivery of MAT services. The final group are the Local Governing Bodies, who are focused on the interests of the individual academy school and include parental and staff representatives.

The quality of education is the focus of the Local Governing Bodies with finance, policy making, staffing and estates management dealt with at trust level. This allows a sharper focus for the LGB on what really matters to parents, children and the community. The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework will guide the work of school leaders and LGB’s but should never put a limit on our expectations.

Trust Structure

Click image to view RKLT-Trust-Structure

Two additional groups add to this process but are not formally part of the governance; the Executive Group is made up of the Headteachers of the constituent schools and the Education Board is made up of the Chairs of Governors of the constituent schools. The Education Board meets termly and will normally be chaired by the Trust Chair with the agenda being responsive to the members of the board. The minutes of the meeting are shared with Trustees and Members.

The Trust has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who works for the Trust and also serves as the Accounting Officer. it is his/her job to ensure that the MAT operates in the way that the Trustees have envisaged and within the relevant DfE and ESFA regulations and guidance

The CEO will also have responsibility for standards across the Trust schools and will report back to the Trust Board at least 5 times a year. An Annual General Meeting will be held alongside the final Trust Board meeting in the summer term each year at which members will be present and be able to ask the Trust Board questions regarding their performance over the year.


List of current and historic Members

List of current and historic Trustees

Coppice Valley Primary School is part of Red Kite Learning Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 7523507, registered office address: Red Kite Office, Pannal Ash Road, Harrogate, HG2 9PH

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