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Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion

Coppice Valley Primary School (2)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Curriculum Statement 

The Coppice Curriculum has been designed to introduce children to knowledge of the world, cultures and heritages. It celebrates diversity and promotes equality and inclusivity. We encourage our pupils to be open-minded and to be critical thinkers. The intention of this statement is to promote how important a part Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plays in our curriculum. 

Aims for our pupils 

  • To have diverse ways of thinking and perceiving the world 
  • To experience a rich and diverse curriculum.  We want our children to have knowledge of the world they live in 
  • To have the critical thinking skills and confidence to discuss matters of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  
  • To have a voice in the curriculum of the school 
  • To be global citizens knowing they have a part to play in creating a diverse, inclusive and sustainable society 

Aims for our curriculum 

  • To promote belonging and foster connectivity between people, countries, cultures, traditions, religions and beliefs 
  • To represent different viewpoints, to tell the other side of the story so our pupils can learn to think critically 
  • To present significant aspects of world culture, histories and contributors to society 
  • To incorporate a diverse range of books and authors, fiction and non-fiction 
  • To recognise the need to be continuously adapting and developing what is taught in relation to the changing world we live in 

Inclusivity in the Curriculum 

  • We use inclusive teaching practices to deliver our curriculum 
  • We develop children’s understanding of their own rights and the rights of others in relation to discrimination, prejudice, bullying and harassment 
  • We celebrate diversity, giving pupils opportunities to learn about their own identity, culture and differences in relation to others and to value the achievements of different cultures and heritages 


This statement sits alongside our Equality Objectives & Information document which meets the requirements of the Equality Act 2010

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