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Handwriting at Coppice Valley

At Coppice Valley, we are proud of our pupils’ handwriting and we place high value on children taking pride and care over their work.

  • Within the Early Years discreet teaching will start. Children will start with pattern formation to ensure correct pencil grip and control. When ready, children are then taught how to form each letter correctly using print.
  • We take the view that handwriting should be discreetly taught for at least 15 minutes, three times a week. During this lesson the teacher will demonstrate the expected handwriting for the year group using single letters and words. This will be a whole class exercise in Year 2 and groups leading to whole class as the year progresses in Year 1.
  • As a school, we teach our children handwriting using progressive techniques as they move through Year groups. When children are struggling immediate intervention by the teachers are used to support them through demonstrating letters within their handwriting books.
  • Alongside discreet sessions the children in the Early Years and those at the start of Year 1 will be provided with a range of pre-writing opportunities in the continuous provision.
  • Incorrect letter formation must be picked up on in all lessons and corrected as soon as the child is forming letters in line with the school’s feedback and marking policy. Children must start and finish the letter in the correct place.
  • Extra handwriting groups occur in classes throughout the school where the class teacher feel that additional handwriting support is required. For pre-writing, children will have access to gross and fine motor interventions to develop their pencil grip and control ready for handwriting (Write From the Start).

Correct formation of letters and numbers:


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